Caveman loox review

product_handle,rating,author,email,body,created_at,photo_url,verified_purchase ,5,Rodger F.,none@none.none,I bring my caveman everywhere,2022-08-31,,TRUE ,4,Sasha M.,none@none.none,My caveman had fun at the jets game with my family!,2022-08-31,,TRUE ,5,George E.,none@none.none,Just got my new caveman!!!,2022-08-31,,TRUE ,5,Pilar E. ,none@none.none,Cooked amazing burgers on my caveman ,2022-08-31,,TRUE ,5,John W.,none@none.none,I use my caveman every weekend. ,2022-09-01,,TRUE ,5,Joesph M.,none@none.none,Best grill I have ever owned ,2022-09-01,,TRUE ,5,Sarah B.,none@none.none,Brought my caveman to go camping this weekend,2022-09-01,,TRUE ,4,Fizz D. ,none@none.none,Such a wonderful product design,2022-09-02,,TRUE ,5,Linda T. ,none@none.none,All my friends love your products! ,2022-09-02,,TRUE ,5,Dani S. ,none@none.none,This put my grilling game on another level,2022-09-02,,TRUE ,5,Steven T. ,none@none.none,Its crazy how good this grill is ,2022-09-02,,TRUE ,5,Jess H. ,none@none.none,I like how easy the pieces slide together,2022-09-03,,TRUE ,5,Marcus W.,none@none.none,It cleans easily after grilling.,2022-09-03,,TRUE ,5,Rose J. ,none@none.none,I use it every other weekend and it is very lightweight. Easy to carry on.,2022-09-03,,TRUE ,5,Tyler F. ,none@none.none,Cooked amazing chicken on my new grill last night,2022-09-03,,TRUE ,5,Amy Z. ,none@none.none,Game changer. ,2022-09-04,,TRUE ,5,Annie A.,none@none.none,I’m very happy with the performance of the caveman grill.,2022-09-04,,TRUE ,4,Freddy J. ,none@none.none,I bought the caveman grill so I can bring it to every camp.,2022-09-04,,TRUE ,5,Rina W. ,none@none.none,I have tried multiple different portable grills but this is by far the best grill I've ever used.,2022-09-04,,TRUE ,5,Rashad I. ,none@none.none,Great product and it works very well. Worth every penny.,2022-09-05,,TRUE ,5,Destiny D.,none@none.none,We loved our Caveman Mini! They are super convenient to use plus we can easily bring them wherever we go,2022-09-05,,TRUE ,5,David M.,none@none.none,This is by far the most easy to bring grill I have ever seen,2022-09-05,,TRUE ,5,Steph T.,none@none.none,Great product! My husband loves to go hiking and he told me this was the best gift ever.,2022-09-06,,TRUE ,5,Matt L.,none@none.none,"I love the skewer add-on, my kids use them for s’mores with the caveman ",2022-09-06,,TRUE ,5,Joey H.,none@none.none,"Now I can have a barbecue anytime, anywhere",2022-09-07,,TRUE ,5,Camille V. ,none@none.none,Way better than any portable griller. ,2022-09-07,,TRUE ,4,Natalie G.,none@none.none,The delivery took time but it was worth it,2022-09-07,,TRUE ,5,Emily J.,none@none.none,"I Used this with my friends, and they want it too!!!",2022-09-07,,TRUE ,5,Ashely E. ,none@none.none,"I love camping with kids, and this product made my day easier, ",2022-09-08,,TRUE ,5,Jada S. ,none@none.none,I gave it to my father as a gift and he loves it.,2022-09-08,,TRUE ,5,Carolyn S.,none@none.none,If you like to go camping this is the best grill for you,2022-09-08,,TRUE ,5,Josh G. ,none@none.none,Just amazing! Best product I have ever!,2022-09-08,,TRUE ,5,Ethan B. ,none@none.none,"Easy to use and easy to store. Thank you, Grill Rescue!",2022-09-09,,TRUE ,5,Nick A. ,none@none.none,This product is genius.,2022-09-09,,TRUE ,4,Sheryl S.,none@none.none,m definitely very happy with it & highly recommend it. ,2022-09-10,,TRUE ,5,Jen D. ,none@none.none,Very happy with my new caveman grill and love what your company stands for. ,2022-09-10,,TRUE ,5,Carmen C. ,none@none.none,"This portable griller is a game changer for me and my family! It is easy to bring, folds completely flat, and easy to clean too! ",2022-09-10,,TRUE ,5,Elija N. ,none@none.none,I thought these things are not sturdy enough for my grilling capacity! But hell yeah! ,2022-09-11,,TRUE ,5,Val B. ,none@none.none,"I never thought I can fold my grill 😂 Assemble, cook, clean, fold, and repeat.",2022-09-11,,TRUE ,5,Rick K.,none@none.none,Easy to clean and easy to assemble 👍,2022-09-11,,TRUE ,5,Wayne D.,none@none.none,Everyone should have their own Caveman.,2022-09-12,,TRUE ,5,Cruella M.,none@none.none," I love outdoor stuff. I go out with my dog and honestly, it's so easy to assemble.",2022-09-12,,TRUE ,5,Sofia Y. ,none@none.none,Thanks for this fantastic product,2022-09-12,,TRUE ,5,Tom B. ,none@none.none,My mini went on a bike ride with me really light!,2022-09-12,,TRUE ,5,Chase D. ,none@none.none,Love the grill grates and the flat top griddle cooking surface too!,2022-09-13,,TRUE ,5,Megan C. ,none@none.none,Now I don't have to worry about using a portable propane gas stove.,2022-09-13,,TRUE ,5,Bailey M. ,none@none.none,I used this product in front of my friends and they were in awe. ,2022-09-13,,TRUE ,5,Michael A. ,none@none.none,I feed 6 people using this product and it practically saves so much space for my car.,2022-09-14,,TRUE ,5,Andrew V. ,none@none.none,We love to do kabobs! AND WE REALLY LOVE the skewer slots!,2022-09-14,,TRUE ,5,Anthony M. ,none@none.none,Best portable grill around ,2022-09-14,,TRUE ,5,Cory W.,none@none.none,I have mine already. I ordered more as Christmas gifts!!!!,2022-09-15,,TRUE ,5,Maria C. ,none@none.none,The perfect Christmas gift. ,2022-09-15,,TRUE ,5,Harry S.,none@none.none,This grill defies logic ,2022-09-16,,TRUE ,5,Kristy S.,none@none.none,This portable grill is lit! ,2022-09-16,,TRUE ,5,Trevor W.,none@none.none,"Liked it so much ordered another one, one for my car and one for my house",2022-09-17,,TRUE ,5,Julia N.,none@none.none,Went to a music festival and everyone was amazed with it,2022-09-17,,TRUE ,5,Lillian M. ,none@none.none,Cooked a huge steak on the large caveman it came out perfect,2022-09-17,,TRUE ,5,Chole L. ,none@none.none,I showed it to my mom group and they loved the tea ,2022-09-18,,TRUE ,5,Vanessa A.,none@none.none,"I made the best kabobs yesterday with onions, peppers",2022-09-18,,TRUE ,5,Bryan M.,none@none.none,This grill works wonders ,2022-09-18,,TRUE ,5,Heyden J.,none@none.none,I can’t wait to take it on my backpacking trip,2022-09-19,,TRUE ,5,Austin W. ,none@none.none,I love how easy it is to take apart,2022-09-19,,TRUE ,4,Carlos E.,none@none.none,I am surprised how durable it is,2022-09-19,,TRUE ,5,Lauren K.,none@none.none,Best fathers day gift!,2022-09-19,,TRUE ,5,Jaiden S.,none@none.none,This works wonders and really surprised me big time,2022-09-20,,TRUE ,5,Willson T.,none@none.none,"Right when I saw it online it was over, was not disappointed when I arrived ",2022-09-20,,TRUE ,5,Sky S. ,none@none.none,I am beginning to love this caveman grill! Will definitely recommend this to my friends! ,2022-09-20,,TRUE ,5,Johnny L.,none@none.none,"Love the pizza oven attachment, I can use this as my oven outdoors",2022-09-21,,TRUE ,5,Alyssa H.,none@none.none,I can’t wait to take it camping this weekend,2022-09-21,,TRUE ,5,Zay R. ,none@none.none,I do not regret buying at all!!,2022-09-21,,TRUE ,4,Steve C.,none@none.none,My dad loves your products and convinced me to buy a caveman. ,2022-09-21,,TRUE ,5,Jose O. ,none@none.none,How come no one ever thought about this? This is brilliant!,2022-09-22,,TRUE ,5,Juan A.,none@none.none,"I bought my caveman to the beach, so easy to carry",2022-09-22,,TRUE ,5,Robert H.,none@none.none,I saw the pizza oven attachment and got me really hooked on this! I loved the thought of eating fresh pizza on a camp! Pretty awesome! ,2022-09-22,,TRUE ,5,Noah S. ,none@none.none,"I have both Caveman grills. I love them so much!!!! I used it yesterday, and my friend wanted to bring home the mini version. Lol",2022-09-23,,TRUE ,5,Dan D.,none@none.none,I know its a grill but the mini is so adorable ,2022-09-23,,TRUE ,5,Trevor S.,none@none.none,I love how easy it is to put together ,2022-09-23,,TRUE ,5,Caleb G.,none@none.none,Even my dog loves the caveman,2022-09-24,,TRUE ,5,Dakota J.,none@none.none, I received mine and used it right away! I was super excited. My wife is also happy!!!,2022-09-24,,TRUE ,5,Sam D.,none@none.none,I store it under my seat in the car!,2022-09-24,,TRUE ,5,James R.,none@none.none,One of the best buys and must-haves!!!,2022-09-25,,TRUE ,5,Dennis T.,none@none.none,"When I showed the ad to my wife, she said it was a waste of money. Now?? She keeps it in the car's trunk and wants to order all the accessories",2022-09-25,,TRUE ,5,Alex L.,none@none.none,Happy I can grill wherever I go!,2022-09-26,,TRUE ,5,Rob J. ,none@none.none,I can’t go anywhere without my caveman now!,2022-09-26,,TRUE ,5,Steven R.,none@none.none,I love mine so much! Used it last weekend with the kids. They were so amazed!!,2022-09-27,,TRUE ,5,Dale G.,none@none.none,"Thank you so much for making this product! I have been your loyal customer since day 1, and you never fail me!!! Hoping there will be a subscription for the propane. I'll be the first to sign up.",2022-09-27,,TRUE ,5,Ryan B. ,none@none.none,it it actually only 6lbs!,2022-09-27,,TRUE