Keeps Everything COLD

fits your favorite beer

Perfect Fit

Beer Buddy uses a state-of-the-art triple stacked interior to ensure your favorite beer fits perfectly.

Fits Most: Bottles, Cans, Skinny Cans, and Liquid

Colder than your last breakup.

We've had our hearts crushed a time or two before. So you can trust we know cold. Beer Buddy is the perfect match to drink away your problems. Our double vacuum insulated walls ensures your beer stays cold long enough to get your heart broken again.

Meet Beer Buddy™

Want to see what all the hype is about? Look no further.

Cold (or hot) Up To 24 Hours

Beer Buddy keeps your favorite drink cold far longer than needed. It can also keep your morning coffee hot, or if you're in to warm beer; Sicko.

Double Wall Insulated

What's better than one wall? Two! Beer Buddy has a double insulated wall to ensure your beer stays cold super long.

All-In-One Design

Gone are the days of buying 4 devices to keep your drinks cold. Beer Buddy is the first and only to hold 12oz cans, skinny cans, bottles, and 16oz of liquid.

100% Leak Proof Lid

You might be wondering why the other guys have leaky tops. So did we.. We created a leak proof tumbler lid attachment so you can bring any liquid on the go.


Why Choose Beer Buddy?

Beer Buddy is hands down the World's Greatest Beverage Insulator.

Any Size

To Summarize, Beer Buddy is by far the most advanced beverage insulator on the market. Holding nearly every can or bottle imaginable, it doesn't get any better than this!

Hot or Cold

Beer Buddy doesn't only keep your beer cold, it'll also keep your coffee hot. Wake up to hot coffee in your Beer Buddy from the night before. Just don't get caught drinking on the clock.

100% Leak Proof

No liquid is escaping this thing unless you want it too. We haven't yet quite figured out how to drink under water, but we're working on it. For now, just use the leak proof feature on land. 

Keeping you cool, anywhere.