World's First All-In-One Beverage Insulator
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Convert Your Tumbler To Fit Bottles & Cans. Tumbler Buddy converts your favorite 20oz. tumbler into an All-In-One Drinking Machine. Works with the most popular brands such as Yeti, s | m, and more!

  • Stacked Interior To Fit Your Favorite Beverages

  • Snug Lid To Lock In Your Beverage

  • Fits nearly any 12-16oz. bottle, can, or skinny can

  • Quick Freeze Gel To Keep Your Drink Extra Cold

  • Stainless Design To Last Nearly Forever

  • World's First (and only) All-in-1 Tumbler Converter

  • Stays Cold For 12+ Hours

  • all-in-one design holds: 

    12oz. - 16oz. cans, skinny cans, and bottles.

  • Uses your existing tumbler

  • Quick Freeze Gel Can Cool Your Room Temperature Beverage

  • 2,300+ Verified Crowd Funding Pre-Sales

  • WARNING: A drink goes warm every 2.7 seconds from neglect. Don't let this happen to you.


 • 1 Tumbler Buddy

• 1 Tumbler Lid

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Keeps Everything Cold.

Drink all day long. Tumbler Buddy fits your favorite drink.

Your Tumbler is GOOD.

Let's make it GREAT!

Meet Tumbler Buddy™

Want to see what all the hype is about? Look no further.

Cold For 12+ Hours

Tumbler Buddy keeps your favorite drink cold far longer than needed. Paired with the coldness power of your favorite tumbler, you might die before your drink gets warm.

Colder than Cold

Our Quick Freeze technology will actually cool down your beverage while it's in your Tumbler. Just freeze Tumbler Buddy before using and it will act as a freezer while inside your tumbler.

All-In-One Design

Gone are the days of buying 4 devices to keep your drinks cold. Just throw a Tumbler Buddy in your tumbler to convert it to hold 12-16oz. cans, skinny cans, and bottles.

Fits Your Tumbler

You might be wondering why this hasn't been created before. Well, we wondered that too. Luckily, Tumbler Buddy will fit your 20 oz. tumbler and you no longer need to worry about warm drinks ever again. Works with the most popular brands such as Yeti, s|m, and more!

Fits Your Style

Tumbler Buddy fits almost any shape and style bottle or can. The biggest issue with current beverage insulators are that you need to buy at least 4 of them to do one job. 

You already have a Tumbler you love! Why buy more useless devices when the one you already have can hold everything? Tumbler Buddy fits bottles, cans, and skinny cans. You no longer need 4 devices to keep your drink cold. Free up your cabinet space and your headache.

Cold As F*@#

You already know your amazing tumbler can keep your beverages cold for a long long time. Well, we've improved that too! Put Tumbler Buddy in the freezer before using and the Quick Freeze Gel will turn to ice and actually cool down your beverage as you drink! 🤯

Premium Construction

Our insane attention to detail ensures Tumbler Buddy is the absolute best way to keep your beverage cold. Whether it's our ridiculously tough stainless steel exterior, our state-of-the-art triple stacked tiered system or our crazy adaptability to fit your current tumbler, you can rest assured you have the best of the best.

Gone are the days of getting up to get a new drink because yours is warm. Or, spending hundreds on multiple beverage insulators because your favorites come in different styles and sizes.

Compare Tumbler Buddy

Find out how Tumbler Buddy compares to other... Wait, there's literally no comparison.

Insulator Brand

Tumbler Buddy

Competition Not Found 

They Can't Compete When They Don't Compare.

Converts Your Tumbler

Quick Freeze Gel

lasts for hours

truefit design (doesn't wiggle)

Durable Stainless Steel

holds bottles, cans, & skinny cans

12-16oz. Bottles & Cans

keeps beverages cold

fits the most cans and bottles in a single design

See Why People Love Tumbler Buddy

Why Choose Tumbler Buddy?

Tumbler Buddy is hands down the World's Greatest (and only) Tumbler Converter.

Any Size

To Summarize, Tumbler Buddy is by far the most advanced tumbler converter on the market. Not just because it's the only one... Holding nearly every can or bottle imaginable, it doesn't get any better than this!


Our patent pending Tumbler Buddy doesn't only keep your drink cold, it actually makes it colder while drinking! Just don't get caught drinking last nights drink the next day.

Super Snug Fit

You won't catch anything slipping out of Tumbler Buddy. It fits your beverage so snug in your Tumbler, you'll wonder why it took you so long to get one in the first place.