Safest Way to Have a Bonfire Firefighter Approved

Jessica Jean-Pierre

August 25, 2023

Labor Day weekend is almost here and that usually means there's going to be a lot of people wanting to build bonfires and make s'mores; and we've found a safe bonfire solution that can be used all year round called City Bonfires Portable Fire Pits, invented by two dads during the pandemic and made in the USA.

Scott Mobley, Inventor and Owner of Grill Rescue, The World's Safest Grill Grate Brush

"As an firefighter, I'm hyper-sensitive to bonfire risks, especially during no burn ordinances. The risks of starting a fire are too high when you light a traditional wood-burning campfire that has flying sparks and embers that can ignite trees and grass nearby – the most common ways wildfires are started accidentally. Wood fires are also hard to extinguish and can reignite after you thought you put the fire out. Here's where City Bonfires Portable Fire Pits come in. They don't have any of the dangers of traditional wood fires. Instead of wood, they use an eco-friendly, 100% natural soy wax that doesn't emit sparks or embers and City Bonfires can be extinguished immediately. So, all those fire risks are eliminated. Plus, you can take City Bonfires anywhere you go and they're recyclable. There are so many things to love about this amazing invention."

Here are all the reasons we love these little travel campfires as the safest way to have a bonfire and make s'mores.
- No flying embers, soot, or smoldering ashes
- Lights and extinguishes in seconds by closing lid
- Eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable
- 3 to 5 hours of burn time
- Compact and portable (4" x 2")
- Lightweight (1 lb.)
- Heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
- Up to 18-inch smoke-free flame
- Portable heating source & cooking source
- 30 Year shelf life (when stored properly)

IMPORTANT: City Bonfires are for outdoor use only. Local rules and regulations are different. Check with your municipality about where and what type of fires you can have during a burn ban. Before lighting your City Bonfire, be sure to read all the directions and safety precautions included.


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